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ATTENTION: Main computer crashed at the start of the year (2021) and am just now restoring access to this site and other key media platforms. I wish to extend a big apology to anyone who has tried to make contact with me and haven't received a reply. Due to this problem and other arrangements, I will not be offering any prospects for sale this year until further notice. Instead, I have teamed up with Marc Warnke of and Packgoats International. All prospects this year will be sold through him and his operation. Again, sorry for the inconvenience this has caused anyone. If you still wish to purchase some prospects, please contact Marc on any one of his many platforms. Or I can pass alone your info to him myself. Thank you.

Side Note: Anyone looking for DISBUDDED prospects, please still contact me. Marc doesn't offer this option and we still may be able to do so. 

If you have found your way here, you're probably looking for some pack goats. If so, you're in luck! Below is some general information on the pack goat prospects we offer for sale, prices and how to buy.

 How to Buy:

Visit the Prospects For Sale page to take a look at what prospects are available. Pick the one(s) you would like to buy or learn more about. Then just contact me directly at ( OR 509-438-6979) with the one(s) you are interested in. I'll reply back with any information about the prospect(s), if they are available and what to do next. Not all listed prospects will be readily available due to prior contact from interested buyers. This is a working farm and information is updated as quickly as possible but may not be up to the minute correct.

A $50.00 deposit per prospect is require to hold them.

We also sell doe kids. Requests for horned doe kids require a full upfront payment. Doe kids typically are $325. ADGA registration papers are an extra $100.


Ages: 2 weeks to 1 month of age (14-30 days)  = $125.00

Ages 1 to 3 months (31-90 days) = $225.00

Ages 3 to 5 months of age (91-150 days)= $250.00 - $350.00

Birth dates are listed next to each of the kids names on the sales page to give exact age information. Weaning is done at 3 months old. But we start reducing feedings at 2 1/2 month of age. Prospects can be picked up anytime after this time OR if you are planning on taking them earlier to bottle feed yourself, you will need to have a bottle feeding program in place before pick up. If a problem comes up, then please contact us asap. 

Dis budding offered for a $75 fee. PLEASE NOTE: the option to disbud a prospect is only possible for a few days after birth before their horn bases are to large to do successfully. If you are not sure or have concerns about leaving the horns on them, feel free to discuss it with me so we can have a plan in place. It is up to the buyer to be vigilant to make sure they pick kids soon enough to be dis budded.

We do not offer older packers for sale. Its just not cost effective for us or you, the buyer. The cost of upkeep / raising a goat runs at least $300 per year. This doesnt even factor in a years worth of time into each animal. 

NOTICE: We reserve the right to pull a prospect from the sales list at anytime for any reason. Be it due to injury or the off chance the prospect will be sold as a breeding buck. The depositor will be notified immediately and offered a replacement of their choice or a full refund.

 All prospects are CAE negative / CL free. We run a small closed herd that never comes in contact with other goats.We used to test regularly but as we do not come in contact with other herds, have stopped. If you would like your prospects tested prior to pick up, we would gladly run a bio security screen test for you through WADDL. The price for that test is $50 for the first kid and $30 for each kid after.

Castration: After 3 months of age castration can done by our vet upon the request and the up front payment of $150.00 from the buyer. This is in addition to the holding deposit. Our vet uses the burdizzo method only. Prospects are put under and their cords are crushed with the burdizzo tool. This is a non surgical method so the nuts will still be intact. They will slowly shrink over time but the effects are immediate. Castration can be done before the 3 month mark by us for a $50.00 fee. Typically we are able to use bands up to and around the 3 month age range. But we highly suggest not to have them done before the 3 month mark. The older they are the better their urinary tract has time to mature and develop. Castration is an important detail to have worked out prior to pick up. If not dont here or by our vet, please take the time to have a good livestock vet pre chosen in your area. Avoid choosing a normal vet as their prices can be ridiculously inflated and their skill / techniques lacking.  Castration can take place at anytime after 3 months. 5 months is best. Though at anytime after 3 months, bucks will start to become bucky. By that I mean they may start to get a little bit of an attitude and peeing on themselves. Intact prospects that are picked up without being castrated are not authorized to be used as breeding bucks and will not be recognized as being affiliated with Trinity Dairy or Pack Goats.

Horns / Disbudding : Horns will be left intact unless dis budding is requested prior to or within the first few days of birth. Requests for dis budded boys require FULL PAYMENT and MUST be paid in advance. It is up to the buyer to send in their deposit early and be vigilant enough to select their prospects before they are 4-7 days of age. After anywhere from 4-7 days (depends upon size of kid at birth), the bases of the horns are often to large to be done without the assistance of a vet. A method we do not practice. Typically by the end of the first week, buds are already to big and the likely hood of scurs is high. 


Currently we only offer full blooded ALPINES (not French).

When to buy:

Our kidding season typically runs from February to May. Pack prospect kids are available from February to Sept.

Waiting list:

Discontinued (Although we dont have a waiting list anymore, people who make contact early are recognized first when a prospect becomes available) And of course anyone who submits a deposit is first on the "list") We do not accept deposits until roughly a month before the kidding season starts. People who make contact early and do put their deposits in will be placed on the list in the order.


Our pack goat prospects (bucklings) will be hand picked for size and conformation. We prefer buyers allow us to keep them here till weening at 3 months of age as we have the means to feed them whole raw goats milk. We also like to use this time to confirm that each prospect is growing and will develop as expected. We do offer early sales of prospects at various times during the year depending upon our current milk situation or prior arrangements. Although anyone can bottle raise their own babies, we dont suggest it. Its very expensive to do so and replacers do not grow kids nearly as well as fresh goats milk. If you are interested in bottle raising, I highly suggest you try to find a locale place to buy goats milk and at the least mix 50/50 goats milk with replacer. There are other formulas that include whole cows milk that can be found by searching the internet.



We are located in Benton City, WA. (Tri Cities) which is located in the Southeastern part of Washington State. For more information about our goats please contact me: or call us at 509-438-6979

Thank for visiting!