Trinity Pack Goats

Accepting deposits for the 2020 season!:

We are NOW accepting deposits for the 2020 season. If you have made previous contact and told to wait, you can now contact me and send in your deposits. Deposits will be accepted early but not cashed (or funds transferred if using paypal) until prospects(s) have been chosen. This way if an issue on either side arises, the funds will be readily available for refund.
Need to know deposit information:
Deposits on horned doe kids: Full (NON refundable) payment of $300 required.
Deposits on horned prospects: $50 per. Refundable with reason.
Deposits on dis budded prospects: $150 NON refundable.
The above rules are there to ensure buyers are committed and we are not left with a difficult to sell prospect or doe. Dis budded prospects are significantly more difficult to find a buyer for. Horned doe kids are even harder. Deposits on horned prospects are usually refunded without issue. Its more then understandable that things change and life happens. But there is only a short window for selling prospects. People will move onto the next seller. So buyers who change their minds and request their deposits back will be required to wait until a new buyer is found and a new deposit is placed before their deposit will be refunded. If no buyer is found and depending upon the reason for backing out, a deposit may not be refunded.
Example: Buyer puts a deposit down on 4 prospects. Waits till nearly pick up time and then decides this adventure may not be the right thing for them. By this time I have told everyone who has contacted me for prospects that I do not have any left and give them suggestions on where they maybe able to purchase some. No buyers on standby. Its late in the year and am now looking at having to send these prospect to the sales for butcher. And all because someone wasnt sure if this was what they wanted to do. In a case like this, deposits are NOT refunded. 
IMPORTANT NOTE PAYPAL USERS: If you choose to pay with paypal, choose the SEND MONEY TO FRIEND option only. The business option will charge a fee on my side and requires a tracking number to conclude the sale. As there is no way to ship and attach a tracking number to a goat, this option will not work. So again DO NOT CHOOSE the business option. Your payment will be rejected and refunded. You will then effectively lose your priority placement over those who submitted deposits after yours.
Paypal email:
Deposit checks payable to: David Eskildsen
16630 E. Ruppert Rd. Benton City, WA. 99320

Deposit Received (DR)/Paid in Full(PIF)/Waiting (W)

Curis King: 2 Prospects w/ horns. PIF / gone.

Ryan S.: 2 Prospects w/ horns. PIF / gone.

Steven Bell: 3 Prospects. w / horns. PIF / gone.

David L: 4 Prospects and 2 yearing does. Deposit received.

Hailey E. 2 Prospects and 1 yearling or older doe.  PIF / gone.

Demetri: 2 Prospects w/ horns. PIF / gone.

Robert: 2 Prospects w/ horns. DR

Eric: 2 Prospects w/ horns. DR