Trinity Pack Goats

....Trinity Pack Goat / Prospects Sales List....

Feel free to look me up on Facebook!

Please include a short message with the request. I ignore requests without knowing the why of the request. 

See a kid you would like to purchase? Simply contact me via the contact page, facebook or email me directly at:

Please include the title name of the prospect.  I will reply with any information and the next steps needed to secure your prospect. A $50.00 deposit is required to hold the kid and can be sent before the two week waiting period. There is a 1 week grace period to receive depots. After that, the prospect will be marked as available.

Prices can be seen on the Home page. 


Prospects current status will be listed as one of the following.

(NAME / DATE): Due to high demand, I like to get the prospects listed as quickly as possible. The dates listed are their birth dates. Prospects become officially available when posted.

(Held for NAME of BUYER): deposit received from buyer.

(SOLD): all aspects of the sale have been finalized.

Shipping: Transport of prospects is the responsibility of the buyer. Many air lines offer good deals on transport of more then 1 animal with the first animal requiring the majority of the shipping fee.

Transport: We do offer a limited distance transport of up to 150 miles each way for a fee of $.75 per mile, round trip unless otherwise agreed upon. Demands of the farm typically restrict any farther distance / time away then that.



Deposits by mail can be sent to the follow address and can be in the form of personal check, cashiers check or money order:

David Eskildsen / 16630 E. Ruppert Rd. Benton City, WA. 99320


You can send in an instant deposit via paypal. Just use the friends and family option.

2018 Estimated Kidding Schedule:

April: 10th

May: 5th

Keep in mind that the pictures below are of the boys eating and does not give a very actuate depiction of their conformation. These pictures are just about giving buyers the idea of color. So far this year, all the boys are roughly the same size and conformation. All of them have been exceptionally strong and vigorous at birth.

Paul: 3/12/18 (Temp hold for Eric)

Frost: 3/5/18 Held for Eric

Handsome: 3/23/18 Held for Eric

Guardian: 3/15/18 Held for Eric

Rogue: 3/5/18 Held for Andrew


Saber: 2/20/18 Held for Andrew

Soldier: 2/20/18 Held for Andy/Rebecca

Striker: 2/23/18 Held for Andy/Rebecca

Templar: 2/22/18 Held for Andy/Rebecca

Yin: 3/1/18 Held for Andy/Rebecca

Ghost: 2/22/18 (((SOLD to Ryan)))

Flint: 2/23/18 (((SOLD to Ryan)))

Ann 1 &2: 3/10/18 Held for Ann

Yang: 3/1/18 Held for Brian

Benjamin: 3/8/18: Held for Brian

Handsome: 3/7/18 Held for Brian